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Where we create Unique Speciality Apparel.

Home of the Original Banjana Halter Tops

At we offer original unique designs, and we look forward to offering more unique and versatile apparel and accessories. I first created my original Bandana Haltertop 4 years ago. I have been selling at music festivals and motorcycle rallies around the country. As you can see by the photos below. One size fits three different sized women, all wearing the same design. We are taking our designs and expanding on them.. Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you. Janice

 As you browse this site you will find 22 different colors and designs of my "Original Banjana Halter top." Don't settle for a knock off. I will be offering others the opportunity to become distributers of my product, allowing regular folks like myself an opportunity to generate extra income, or even do as I have done and come aboard full time. We will also offer wholesale pricing to retail outlets as well as to folks who are already vendors. Follow us as we grow.

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